The SWWJ International Life Writing Competition

Loads of people write about their lives in one way or another. Some of us just mix it judiciously into fiction but here’s a comp for those who enjoy the blending of memories and research that characterises the best biography and autobiography.

Details below and you can discover more here.

 is delighted to announce its


With prizes totalling £9,000

Sponsored by The Morris Duo Foundation for SELVA
(Standard English, Literacy and Visual Aesthetics)

Judges: Sophie King and Katie Fforde

Word Count – 3000 words maximum – Closing Date: 30.09.2011

Entry by email only via our Submissions page

‘Life Writing’ is a fluid term used to describe the recording of experiences and memories, whether one’s own or another’s. It covers biography, memoir, diaries, letters and personal essays etc., and, more recently, digital forms such as blogs and email. It can also be linked with genealogical study – when recording your own life, it is common to become curious about the lives of others, and if they have not recorded their own life, to start doing it for them.

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8 responses to “The SWWJ International Life Writing Competition

  1. Hi Sue, do you have any idea when the results of this competition will be announced?


  2. Hi Lorna,
    Sorry, my info was out of date – it’s Zoe King who is organising. I understand that it’s hoped the longlist will be complete by mid-Feb.

    Of course, it’s always best to take an approximate view of a date such as that, because the organisers don’t know how many entries will be received, until the submission deadline is reached. 🙂 Good luck.


    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks so much for this – that’s very helpful. It’s just that I’m considering entering another memoir competition, deadline very imminent, and wondered whether it’s OK to have the same entries in more than one competition!

      all best,


  3. I understand your situation but, as a judge who has been caught out by an entry shortlisting in two competitions at the same time, I can only say that it’s really messy if it happens! 🙂


    • I can imagine that it gets messy! What I think I’ll do is send a different excerpt from the work in question because I think I’ll be annoyed with myself if I don’t give this other competition a go. Thanks so much for your advice on this!


  4. You’re welcome – and that sounds like an excellent solution.


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