In the studio

I’ve had a lovely week.sue-with-penelope-rawlins

On Wednesday, I went to Quince Studios for the recording of Flight to Freedom. Flight to Freedom is a prequel chapter I’ve written to Love & Freedom, preparatory to  Love & Freedom being published on 1 June. So, through the good offices of Ian Skillicorn of Short Story Radio and National Short Story Week, actor Penelope Rawlins was engaged to read Flight to Freedom and I went down to London to the Quince Studios for a photo call. I really enjoyed the entire experience and it was eerie to hear Penelope bring Honor, Love & Freedom‘s American heroine, to life. Penelope was the perfect choice, having been brought up both in the UK and the US – and she can switch between the two accents effortlessly.

Flight to Freedom will be available as a free audio file and download, in due course, as part of the promotion for Love & Freedom. A great application for the emerging technologies – and a freebie for readers.

Matt Walters, who owns Quince Studios, was really welcoming and let me into Mission Control, as you can see (but I didn’t touch anything, honest).

There’s a massive amount of technology involved in recording and it was fascinating to get some insight. Thanks, Matt and Ian.

And, of course, to Penelope Rawlins, who, apart from being incredibly sweet and lovely to meet, is Talented with a capital T.

I can’t wait to hear the finished product. From the point of recording on, I have no idea what magic Ian or Matt will accomplish with it! I just know it will be good.



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3 responses to “In the studio

  1. Penny

    Fascinating to read about this, Sue. I still recall the lovely extra dimension ‘Uphill…’ seemed to acquire on tape. Even though I’d already read it myself. Looking forward to your new book with added American accent 🙂


    • That’s a nice thing to say, Penny, thank you! In the days of Uphill, the basic price of the tapes was about £25, I think, whereas Audible are now putting my books out as mp3 download starting at £3.99. The new technologies are certainly making books more affordable. Am not sure how it’s going to affect writers. Discuss …


  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great time.


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