Yummy London Book Fair

I spent yesterday on the Choc Lit stand at the London Book Fair with fellow Choc Lit author Christina Courtenay and Lyn and Paul Vernham from Choc Lit. It was great!

The buzz was incredible.

We were approached by representatives from all kinds of countries and Lyn and Paul were in and out of meetings all day. This left Christina and I in in sole charge of the chocolates, provided by the lovely people at Montezuma’s. As you can see, I positioned myself strategically …

The London Book Fair is a real event. I’m sure that if you’re in whatever business a trade fair caters to, you’re familiar with the browsers, the focused visitors, the people who are fed up with the business of the day and just want to stop and talk for a few minutes. The queues for the loo/food/places to sit, the back/foot ache, the feeling (by lunch time) that you just want to go to sleep.

And maybe, like me, the next day’s feeling that you want to go back and do it all again!

It’s a glittering affair. I loved the opportunity to speak to all kinds of people in the parts of publishing with which I generally don’t interact, like distribution and education, publishers from other countries. Choc Lit books have just been launched in Australia – Starting Over came out there on 1 April – so we’re keen to expand further.

We were also able to meet the sales team both from the UK and from Australia. We had to pass on going for a drink with them because of my train, unfortunately …

Christina Courtenay and I have recently agreed to run a workshop at the Ladies Who Love Literary Festival in Bromley on 25 June 2011 and were really pleased when the organisers sought us out to say hi.

My thanks to Christina for providing these pix and I hope everything goes as well for the Choc Lit team today as it did yesterday.


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9 responses to “Yummy London Book Fair

  1. Morton Gray

    You top looks really nice, like a stained glass window. Wish I had been there to help eat the chocolate, but since I’ve just lost 18lbs, maybe not! M


  2. Morton Gray

    Fingers not working – should say ‘Your top….’ Mx


  3. Sounds as if you had a terrific day. Good to read about it.


  4. I would be strategically placed by the chocolates, too – I don’t blame you! Did you have to sample them, you know to make sure they were okay?

    Gosh, what a plus side having a publisher called Choc Lit 😀


  5. Liz Harris

    It sounds as if the day was great fun, and a success – an unbeatable combination!

    Liz x


  6. It sounds like you had great fun, although that chocolate does sound incredibly tempting.


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