Mother’s Day and All That Mullarkey

A free book!

What’s not to love about a free book?

As you can see from the pic, if you buy certain Mother’s Day gifts from fabulous chocolatiers, Montezuma, you get a free copy of All That Mullarkey! This applies to both in-store and on-line purchases.

So you can put yummy chocolate on your Mother’s Day wishlist and enjoy All That Mullarkey, too …

Or you can buy the yummy chocolate for your mummy – and keep All That Mullarkey for yourself. Or give it to your mum and then borrow it back.

I love win-win situations.

And, for anyone who’s wondering – UK Mother’s Day is 3rd April, this year!


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4 responses to “Mother’s Day and All That Mullarkey

  1. Love and Chocolate, my favorites!


  2. Jan Sprenger

    Fantastic marketing idea! Love it. I’ve read the book and it’s great – could still find an excuse to buy the chox, though.


  3. Sounds great, Sue! I love the Montezuma chocs, especially the white one and I loved your book. There are going to be some very pleased mums out there when they receive this combination 🙂


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