Diamonds and Pearls

Here is the lovely Diamonds and Pearls anthology from Accent Press in support of Against Breast Cancer.

Editor Elaine Everest is a breast cancer survivor and wanted to put this anthology together to celebrate the thirty years of survival since her illness (the pearls) and invited lots of her fellow short story writers (the diamonds) to contribute stories.

We were all happy to donate stories to Diamonds and Pearls and if you love the sort of fiction that you find in women’s magazines then you’ll find all your favourite writers in here. And me.

There will be a donation made for every book sold.

As well as buying your own copy, Diamonds and Pearls would make a fabby present for your mum/sister/bezzie/cousin/teacher/auntie/grandma and you’ll be raising money for a good cause.

Hope you enjoy it.


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4 responses to “Diamonds and Pearls

  1. Bought the book, read the book, greatly enjoyed the book. A really entertaining read, and good for readers, good for writers. Excellent cause, too. What’s not to like?


  2. I will add this to my ‘to buy’ and ‘to read’ as definitely good research fodder for short stories… and I really like the look of the cover 😀


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