Imagine There’s a Future Short Story Competition (SW England only)

It seems as if all I’m posting to my blog is competition news!

But when my rewrites are finished – see the Nutpress blog here for more details on this! – I will be able to catch up with everything. That’s the plan, anyway.

Here are the details of the comp:

Can you imagine a future for the human race on earth?

A new short story competition invites writers resident in the South West of England to submit stories of between 1,000 and 3,000 set in a sustainable future at any time between five and five million years from now.

Will we have succumbed to the floodwaters, or will geo-engineering save the day? Did we cure our addiction to fossil fuels, or did it turn out not to be necessary? Will your story be narrated by one of your descendants, or a computer, or a jellyfish? Or does God have something to say about it all?

All the winning entries and a number of highly commended entries will be published in the ‘Imagine there’s a future’ anthology in September 2011.

Entry to the competition is free. It is funded by the Arts Council and the University of Exeter.

The deadline for receipt of all entries is June 30 2011.

First prize:            £250

Second prize:     £75

Third prize           £50

Contact Details and Further Information


Good luck!

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