Whoop! The cover for Love & Freedom

Isn’t this gorgeous?

The search for the perfect cover has gone on for weeks and the designer is probably sick of the sight of my name. (Sorry, Steve.)

But when he came up with this one I fell violently in love with it so was delighted that Choc Lit felt the same.

The new cover arriving is always a great day because it makes the book feel real. I suppose we’re a visual specie and understand things that we can see. And, see, I’ve got another view of it, too …



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10 responses to “Whoop! The cover for Love & Freedom

  1. *GASP*
    Isn’t it gorgeous! Congratulations 🙂


  2. Wow! That’s scrumptious.


  3. Ooooooooo Its gorgeous.. i love the blues & purples too. what a brilliant choice x


  4. Absolutely LUSH! Just loving the starry heart with the plane flying through the middle. Lovely colours too… how exciting!


  5. Morton Gray

    Lovely cover. Can’t wait to read it. Mx


  6. Penny

    Very colourful! Will look good on the shelves.


  7. Catherine Miller

    Really looks great, Sue!


  8. Tom

    Stunning cover from front or spine Sue.
    On the subject of your books, I’ll be recording my findings on, ‘Love WRITING’ on my blog on Sunday. Why Sunday? That’s when I will have finished reading it. Rest assured, I already know it’s going to be positive.


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