Festival of Writing 2011, York

I had such a good time at the York Festival of Writing last year that I’m going again next year. Along with Choc Lit director, Lyn Vernham, and fellow Choc Lit authors Christina Courtenay and Jane Lovering, I’ll be part of the panel on independent publishers.

Also, I’ll be giving one-to-ones as a book doctor during Saturday afternoon.

I’ve just received an update from the organisers and they say:

Breaking news:
– US agent Marcy Posner is joining us from over the pond and taking one to ones
– Writers Workshop are will be offering “next steps” free to three
writers at the Festival who are talent spotted. The writers will be
offered a free manuscript critique, free coaching or a free manuscript
appraisal from Harry Bingham.
– Harper Collins Authonomy are supporting Authonomy Live talent
contest on Friday evening, with editor Patrick Janson-Smith on the
panel. Last years winner, Shelley Harris was offered representation by
4 literary agents in the room, and then went on to achieve a 5 figure
book deal.

I was there when that last author was being hunted down, last year – it was impressive.

So, if you feel like giving yourself the same opportunity, click on Festival of Writing.


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10 responses to “Festival of Writing 2011, York

  1. I’d love to do this. But don’t think I’ll get this year. Maybe next year. Have fun x


  2. Sally Zigmond

    Hope to see you there, Sue!


  3. I’d love to do something like this too, but York is possibly too far for me… and the St Alban’s one also. Does anyone come to Bristol or Bath?

    I would need to find the money too… would have to tap hubby up for that one. Great to hear about these things though. I’ll get to one eventually.


  4. Yes, you can go to the RNA conference as a non member – it’s a little more expensive but not horrendously so.


    • And I’m not working that weekend!

      Looked at the Writer’s Holiday – Sadly, can’t do the 6 day one, but could do the one in February (weekend off too). Will talk to hubby, as obviously the NRA one is closer than Pembrokeshire, and similar in price.

      Getting excited now because he didn’t say no.


      • RNA! Doh! Am seriously considering this. Just a bit new and all that. Will main conference include workshops, and I have to choose which ones? Do I have to be at a stage with novel or anything like that? (Sorry, complete novice here… hoping to one day turn into novelist).


      • I’ll email you the address for the conference organiser and she’ll be able to answer all your questions but yes, there’s a mixture of workshops, panels and talks and some you do choose beforehand (but nobody holds you to them if you change your mind on the day).

        There’s no requirement for you to have a work in progress. You’ll find that some workshops lean towards specifics, such as a talk about writing for Mills & Boon or a workshop creating a saga heroine or short stories for magazines. Some are more general. There’s usually a great mix.


  5. Yes, I’m off to Caerleon. And as an aspiring writer can highly recommend it to anyone.

    York Festival sounds very interesting Sue. And York is such a magical place. I might have to check it out 😉
    Wow – lucky Shelley – that’s the stuff dreams are made of!



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