Booksigning, Northampton

Booksigning at Waterstone’s, Northampton, just before Christmas. I loved being in the store – it had such a festive atmosphere and people kept giving me chocolates. Even at the back of the store, my hands were so cold at the end of the three hours that I could hardly hold a pen to sign with!

The Manager, Emma, gave me a great display – don’t Want to Know a Secret? and All That Mullarkey look good together?

The photo above shows me with manager, Emma.

Hope everybody had a good Christmas  – and received lots of lovely presents, namely books.

Don’t forget, Want to Know a Secret? has been selected for the People’s Book Award and it would be great if you’d vote for it. Click here. Register. Click on the Want to Know a Secret? cover and using your email address, password and security code, vote. Thanks!



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4 responses to “Booksigning, Northampton

  1. I got four books for Christmas so far (I think I’ll be unwrapping All That Malarky when I go to my mum’s tomorrow, making it five). I got Starting Over, plus another chick-lit novel (Jill Mansell) – all for research purposes of course! So looking forward to reading them in the New Year. I also got another Charlaine Harris (her book of short stories A Touch Of Dead), and a writing guide book.

    Merry Christmas, Sue. And a happy New Year!


    • Your family has great taste, Teresa! 🙂

      There were a lot of books given in my family, too, beginning with Toy Story and board books about the sounds that animals make, going through Margaret James’s The Silver Locket, The Book of Rock Quotes, Keith Richards’s autobiography, Margaret Dickinson’s books of Lincolnshire, Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series, a Formula 1 encyclopedia and books on cars and golf.


  2. Tom

    From a professional point of view Sue… I like the display. The pink and black work well together so well done Emma. I’m sure you will have been given the full VIP treatment there Sue… even biscuits with your tea!
    Having read many of your articles in Writers’ Forum I can honestly say I like your style. Based on that, I’ve decided to plunge myself at the mercy of ‘Love Writing’. I don’t know how many men write it successfully but it’s carries a variety of genre that I’ve never sent to a competition yet.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Tom! Quite a few men write romantic fiction (whether or not their publishers actually attach that label, that’s what it is) and even more write erotica. So I hope that Love Writing is useful.


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