Twitter and Me

I received a lovely Twitter direct message from a new reader, last week. She said, ‘How clever of you to have the Twitter bird on your book cover!’

I thought, ‘Gosh, that was clever. I didn’t design the cover and I don’t think I was even ON Twitter when Starting Over came out!’

But, fact is, I’d hate to be without Twitter, now. It’s not just a dumping ground for, ‘Oh no, not more snow!’ or ‘Whoo! Finished my first draft!’ Tweets (although I am guilty of those …). Twitter is just a brilliant resource.

Is the A43 between Northampton and Oxford running OK? Yes, says a man in Towcester.

I’m really stuck on a point of American law … Well, whaddya know? Within FOUR MINUTES – honestly – a wonderful lady (@romancemama) is put in touch with me through a mutual Tweep. She’s had 25 years experience in exactly the area I’m stuck on and sorts me out via email.

Does anyone do their own web design? What happens if your site is compromised? Four really helpful replies, including one from Joanne Harris (@joannechocolat), and a lot of sage advice about PCs and how to give them viruses. (We pretty much decided that my hero ought to have bought a Mac instead of a PC but that would ruin my plot!)

And it was Twitter that got me my F1 column at

I have to admit, there’s a whole load of stuff I don’t read on Twitter but it’s so brilliant for getting help from people! In exchange, I have offered help to others (I’m not a complete Tweetasite) and answer such questions as I can, about short stories and romantic fiction and whether dogs are warmer than hot waterbottles, on your lap.

And, like most Tweeps, I just enjoy reading about the lives of readers, writers, Formula 1 drivers … Just about everyone you’re interested in has a Twitter presence. You can follow them easily.

Or you can even follow me.


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2 responses to “Twitter and Me

  1. Yes, I’ve got a bit addicted to Twitter. I find Facebook good for have conversations with friends – not so limited on the characters. But to put odd things out there, or to ask how icy it is in another part of the country is rather good on Twitter.

    If it wasn’t for Twitter I don’t think I’d have been following you ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Though you may not see that as a good thing lol!)


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