Two Mad Days in London

I spent yesterday and the day before in London. Like this:

  • National Short Story Week: I’m on the steering committee and we had a busy meeting discussing the forthcoming year and what we could do to raise awareness of the short story. The website is a brilliant resource for both writers and readers.
  • Then I went to Fulham to have a new author photo taken. The photographer, Joe, was lovely, but failed to take 20 years and 20 lbs off!
  • Romantic Novelists’ Association committee lunch
  • RNA committee meeting
  • RNA party.

So, pooped, I managed to get on a Tube going in the wrong direction and ended up in Wembley Park just as the first spectators left the England match. Happily, we were ahead of the flood and I got home about 11.45 .
… I think I haven’t had enough sleep!

But part of the joy of the day was seeing Want to Know a Secret? at number 10 in all the railway stations – whoop! 



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7 responses to “Two Mad Days in London

  1. What a day! Sounds brilliant. More than just a little bit jealous.

    Sleep tonight.




  2. Henriette Gyland

    So sorry to hear you got the train in the wrong direction (done it myself once or twice), but congratulations on “Want to Know a Secret?” being at no. 10.


  3. Sack the photographer! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Not bad being a writer – eh? And great to see Want To Know A Secret in the top ten!

    wooo hoo!

    …done that with the tube too, so you’re not alone.


  4. Gail Willis

    Too good a story, read in 2 days and that was taking my time. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always with your books. Top 10 fab girl, you should be very proud of yourself. Just please keep it up, dont stop writing. Well done you.
    Lost in London! You not the first or the last to do that. Gail xx


  5. Ahhh the old ‘thinking about something else you that you go the wrong direction on the tube’… writing will do that to you! My brain is a permanent fog. Good luck with your book and I love that your family support you with what you love doing. How encouraging! happy writing. TGW.


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