Big day for Want to Know a Secret?

Want to Know a Secret? has charted  in the airports at number 10!

I have been doing little dances and skips of joy all day. I love the airport shops.

Today was also a BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Chat Room day. So I’ve been sitting in a radio studio with presenter Sue Dougan and actor Susan Paynter, wearing a pair of Pudsey Bear ears, discussing What Men Don’t Need to Know.

We decided men don’t need to know:

  • Credit card balances
  • How much shoes/haircuts/posh frocks cost
  • How women combine double-sided tape and low cut dresses
  • Why it’s necessary to read in the bath
  • What a moon cup is
  • Why women go to the loo in twos
  • How to go to the loo in dresses that zip right up the back

And what they DO need to know is how to undo a bra, first time, with one hand. (And we did have a listener email in to offer to prove he could do it!)

During this sometimes ribald discussion – more ribald off air than on it – the lights were flicking off as maintenance was carried out but we kept talking in true ‘the show must go on’ style.

I love doing radio. With the wind speeds today and what it did to my hair, even before the Pudsey Bear ears, I was quite glad it wasn’t television …



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9 responses to “Big day for Want to Know a Secret?

  1. Actually Sue, why DO women go to the loo in pairs? I never have – I can manage it all by myself! (At least, so far…)


    • We decided that it’s the equivalent of men going to the bar together to make strategic plans such as, ‘I don’t fancy yours’ and generally exchange any conversation we don’t want the men to hear.

      Also, when I had long hair, I used to constantly be demanding, ‘Is my hair all right at the back?’


  2. I didn’t realise that’s why you went to the loo in twos – I thought there were shops in there or something!

    I can also honestly say that I have no idea what a moon cup is, unless it’s one of the those “midnight walks in a bra” charity events.

    Hope the chat went well.


  3. I’m not actually sure if many women know what a mooncup is let alone men! (But I’ve got one and it’s great :D)

    Yes, there are a lot of things men do need to know… Actually, I think sometimes I get utterly depressed reading romance novels, and the fact that the heroes are just so gorgeous, sexy and romantic, and real life men, well, just aren’t.

    That is the good thing about radio, although now they do tend to post things online and have a webcam! (Maybe not the smaller stations though).


    • But fiction is ‘more than’ real life. Murders are gorier, action is faster and heroes are more heroic. That’s the deal.

      I suspect heroines are nicer than in real life, too …


      • Yes, I know… Fiction is escapism… just sometimes it would be nice to meet a real life hero ;-P

        …I keep waiting for my gorgeous Greek billionaire (or sheikh – I’m not fussy) to walk into Tesco’s! lol! (Reading way too much Mills and Boon!)


  4. Deborah Rickard

    Huge congrats on charting with ‘Want to Know a Secret?’ Sue! And as for all those other ‘secrets’ – yes, let’s keep them to ourselves!

    Deb R


  5. Congrats on charting!
    My contribution to what men don’t need to know? That the gourmet meal you just served up was “not just any gourmet meal …”


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