The Stylist – competition!

See The Stylist magazine for news of a great microfiction competition, sponsored by the London School of Journalism. It’s a great opportunity as there will be a daily winner and then an overall winner – I’ll be judging the latter.

Even if you don’t have much writing time at the moment, here’s a competition, success in which would look great on your CV.


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2 responses to “The Stylist – competition!

  1. Ah, what a shame – I just missed this by a day! Never mind. Some very good entries in there.

    I have stumbled across your blog as you came up as a ‘People you may know’ on Facebook. Strange coincidence, as I’ve just read your commentary on the three stories you chose to appear in Writers’ Forum magazine, and it seems we have a few writerly friends in common on Facebook!


    • It’s a small writing world, I suppose, Sophie. Do feel free to befriend me on FB. I’m keeping resolutely away from both FB and Twitter this afternoon because I’m getting stuck on a scene that’s taking more brainpower than typing power. 🙂 But I’ll be checking in on both tomorrow.


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