Leaf Books Memoir Writing Competition

Closing date: 30th Nov 2010

Send an extract from your own life in 1,000 words or fewer. Your mini-memoir can be on any subject – childhood, war, travel writing, family, school, work, community projects, political activism, the story of your allotment or anything else you can think of that’s happened to you in your life. It can be as dramatic or as low-key as you like: just make sure that it grabs our interest and that it stands alone as a narrative. The previous competition anthology Foresight with Hindsight is now available from the Leaf Books website to buy either as a hard copy or a downloadable pdf e-book, so if you want to see what really caught our attention last time then have a look at this publication.

Prizes : Winner will receive £150, a free copy of the anthology and a year’s subscription to the Leaf Writers’ Magazine (or a refund if you already subscribe).
Runner-up will receive a free copy of the anthology and a full set of Leaf mini-books.
All selected pieces will be published in the anthology and the winner and runner-ups will be published in the Leaf Writers’ Magazine.

Entry Fee : £4 per submission, 3 submissions for £10.

You can enter online (pay via Paypal then email us the entries), or by post. For full information please visit http://www.leafbooks.co.uk


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2 responses to “Leaf Books Memoir Writing Competition

  1. Oh, I like the sound of this. Will have a think and also spread the word.


  2. Dianne Horsfield

    Couldn’t agree more!


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