New column!

It’s amazing where a Twitter conversation will lead.

This week, I got talking to – and next week I’ll be one of their columnists, producing a column that will be a mixture of Formula 1 news, my opinions of it and a few tidbits about my books.

It’s a great opportunity for two reasons:

  1. I love Formula 1 and this gives me the perfect excuse to watch it and call it ‘work’
  2. I’ve just begun to research a book to be set in the world of Formula 1 and, naturally, I need to be more involved in it

And how can I go wrong with a project that enables me to combine F1 with another of my favourite things – expressing my opinions? I hope that you’ll come along and read the column and I’ll be linking to it when it comes into existence.

Meantime, here are a few events on my horizon:

October 9 2010, Derby Central Library, 10am-4pm, I’m leading a one day course on writing short stories for pleasure or profit. Book at any City Library or call 01332 641702 for more information.

October 21 2010, Girls’ Night In at Waterstones, The Arc Centre, Bury St Edmunds – I’m part of the Choc Lit Authors panel. Contact by phone 0843 290 8199 or E-mail:

October 26 2010, a chick lit panel at Gant’s Hill Library, East London, 7.30pm-9.15pm, I’ll be appearing along with Heidi Rice, Juliet Archer (Choc Lit) and Jean Fullerton. Call 020 8708 9274 for information.

November 11 2010, tune in to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to hear me in The Chat Room on the Sue Dougan Show.

But now I’m off to begin my Formula 1 column.


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5 responses to “New column!

  1. Sounds like a fab plan to me. You forgot point 3 – self publicising!

    I would come and join you on those dates, but I live too far away. One day… when kids are older… I’ll get to travel more. Another plus to writing!

    Good luck with your new column.


  2. I always say there’s no such thing as luck. You make your own luck. It’s funny how things happen.



  3. You gotta love Twitter! Congrats on the new column.

    I’d love to go to Bury St Edmonds, but at this moment I’m not quite sure where it is! I may make the Gant’s Hill one though – I do know where that is!


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