Rights explained

Here is the cover of One Summer in Malta, a large print book that began life as a serial. It will be published by Ulverscroft on 15th November. And Starting Over has just come out in audio and will follow in large print on 1 November.

Both audio and large print rights have been sold for All That Mullarkey, too, and will make their bow according to the publishers’ schedules.

All these things are what an agent or publisher might refer to as ‘subsidiary rights’. Books can come out in many forms: hardback, paperback, trade paperback, audio, large print, all the various ebook formats etc. And that’s before you get to the foreign rights: the US version, the Australian, the South African, and then different languages, too.

Subsidiary rights can really earn you money, because you don’t normally have to do much more work to get a whole new fee! So let’s hear it for subsidiary rights sales! Yeahhhh!

And that’s why writers get excited when their publisher or agent goes to a book fair (Frankfurt is next, in October). Because rights get sold.



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5 responses to “Rights explained

  1. Very handy to know! I have posted a link on my blog – hope that is OK.


  2. Wonderful, Sue. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. I read a whole section with my Writer’s Bureau coursework about rights etc. etc. I’m glad I can keep that book, because still not exactly sure… Not that I have to worry about it – yet! (One day – here’s hoping!).

    Thanks for sharing! Must be exciting to see you’re work in all the different forms. Is it a bit like an actor seeing themselves on the telly, seeing your book in a shop? 😀


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