Listen to Siren FM

Paul, who patiently interviewed me for hours

Am on The Reading Room from SirenFM 10.00-12.00 BST on Sunday 5 September 2010, first of three programmes. Just click to listen free to a couple of hours of output about books.

SirenFM is a community radio station – brilliant that they can devote this kind of time to a programme about what I’m passionate about: reading and writing. They have a great set up in studios at the University of Lincoln and both Paul and producer Johnny made me welcome.

The interview I did took about 2.5 hours but Paul has edited it down to three programmes (thereby cutting out a lot of ‘Sorry Johnny, forgot what I was going to say …’) or being caught eating grapes instead of being ready to answer questions.

I really like doing radio stuff.



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4 responses to “Listen to Siren FM

  1. Eating grapes on the radio! I’m impressed!

    Thanks for the heads-up, Sue. Radio stuff terrifies me. I had to do a quick interview once on BBC London about a London travel guide I’d written and I very nearly had a heart attack. Maybe I should try eating grapes.


  2. Radio means you don’t have to worry about your hair, makeup or clothes too!

    I used to volunteer for our Hospital Radio – it’s great fun!

    I’d definitely need editing, I can talk for ages 😀 Hope it goes well. More self publicity I see. All good stuff.


  3. Eating grapes on radio is probably easier than eating them on TV. 😉


  4. Excellent, I’ll give it a listen!


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