I Love the Internet

This week, I’m hosting a free online seminar, The Trickier Bits of Fiction, at Coffee Time Romance. You can read the posts or sign up to join in here. I’m really enjoying it – and writers from all over the world are responding. And the seminar will be live for ages so don’t feel you’ve missed out if you don’t click immediately.

I love the Internet! And I love Coffee Time Romance.

Another favourite site, The Truth About Books, has made Starting Over one of the ‘unmissable books of the month‘, after a 5-bookworm review that made me happy! It’s also a Readers’ Choice book and you can vote for it here. (Please do …)

I think that online activity does more to promote my books than personal appearances, these days. Although – I add hastily – I had a great evening at the London Writers’ Cafe on Monday. I was on a panel with fellow writers Karen Mahoney and Leigh Russell, along with Blue Door editor, Laura Deacon. The audience was great! Full of pertinent questions and tangible enthusiasm. I left feeling buoyed by their interest. Click here and here for write-ups from Michael Braga and Lucie Wheeler.

But how did I get that gig? Through the Internet and the services of Twitter!

I love the Internet …


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6 responses to “I Love the Internet

  1. I have voted for Starting Over – brilliant book!
    Also, thanks for the links on here and Twitter πŸ™‚


  2. Isn’t the Internet great? And Twitter? I’ve made so many helpful contacts. I must check out your online seminar. Thanks, Sue!


  3. Will be great to see you there, Talli.


  4. I love the internet too, just not when I’m supposed to be writing.

    I’m tempted to look at the online seminar but I’ve already booked for Caerleon next year on your ‘Trickier Bits of Fiction’ course.

    warm wishes


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