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Independence Weekend

Hi to all in the US, celebrating Independence weekend. (Well, a day just wouldn’t be enough, would it?)

As I was in Connecticut and Cape Cod for half of June I saw many jaunty Stars and Stripes flags and red-white-blue bunting. New England is pretty but the flags added jolliness to the summer scene.

Here’s me on top of the Empire State Building, looking windblown and squinty, my usual look for photos. OK, before anyone points it out, I know that the Empire State is neither in Connecticut or Cape Cod – I spent a couple of days in Manhattan, too. You can see some of it behind me in the pic.

Empire State Building

So, what else did I do on ‘me ollydays’? Rode a steam train and a riverboat, looked around two-centuries-ago Mystic Seaport, enjoyed the ambiguous atmosphere of Provincetown and was serenaded by a guy in a frock, ate waaay too many excellent meals in excellent restaurants and drank waaay too much wine and champagne. Shopped. Bought waaay too many books …

And now I’m avoiding chocolate and wine in an effort to detox ahead of the Romantic Novelists’ Conference, which begins on Thursday!

And I’m back to work.

Tomorrow I’m on BBC Radio Northampton’s Bernie Keith show at 11.45 am and on Tuesday BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Sue Dougan’s Chat Room at 2pm.


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  1. Deborah Rickard

    Hi Sue,

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time – shame you’ve got to make up for it now by avoiding chocolate and wine. I’ve just read ‘Uphill All The Way’ by the way – and loved it! Now … time for a glass of wine and a little bit of chocolate I think … Milk or dark? Hhmmm …



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