Champagne and Choc Lit!

Publication day!

It’s publication day for All That Mullarkey!

It was wonderful to receive an Interflora box from the Choc Lit team with a card that said, ‘Happy Birthday, All That Mullarkey!’

Even more wonderful, was to open the box to discover champagne and chocolates. (And some plant food. I’m a bit baffled by that …)

As All That Mullarkey has been in the travel shops and on line for a couple of weeks, apart from announcing it on Facebook and Twitter, publication day didn’t have that much fizz (har har) until this lovely surprise arrived.

And my interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire is to be aired just after 3pm today (1 June) on 95.7 or 96.0 FM. Or you can listen live or listen again here until about the 8th June 2010.

Just off to eat a choccie …


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8 responses to “Champagne and Choc Lit!

  1. Congratulations!! Maybe the plant food is to make your success grow and bloom as you deserve.
    Sarah xxx


  2. Congratulations on the launch – what lovely publishers you have.


  3. Chris Stovell

    Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations Sue, well-deserved; you’ve no idea how hard it was to put ‘All That Mullarkey’ down in order to get on with my own work.


  4. Congratulations! Pour a glass, choose a choccie and enjoy the feeling.

    We should have a virtual cocktail party to celebrate. I’m wearing a pink puffball, pass the cheese straws…


  5. Penny

    Happy Publication Day ‘All That Mullarkey’! [The plant food is possibly for future Champagne Tree…]

    Hoping to catch up with you soon.


  6. Woohoo to you, Sue!!!

    You get fabber and fabber even without the plant grow stuff.

    love, Susan (holding CrCrCr – I don’t spose comments count in the CrCrCr battle…….?)(Nah. Thort not.)


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