Want to Know a Secret?

I have been enthusiastic about all of my Choc Lit covers but this one – hot off the designer’s computer – has a little extra spark. Don’t you think? I love it.

Everyone at Choc Lit pays a lot of attention to the detail of their covers so this one has been flicking through cyberspace between the designer, Choc Lit and me for the past four weeks or so. The font has been pink, yellow and purple, the flying seeds have been moving around and the dragonflies have been several shapes and sizes.

And, in the end, it’s a gorgeous jacket with a lot of individualism and, hopefully, even more pickupability.

I did an event in Teddington, yesterday, which went well. The librarians had to bring in extra chairs. It meant I spent most of the day in one train or another but I had a couple of Georgette Heyer books with me: The Nonesuch and Faro’s Daughter. All time comfort reads.

And it was nice to see All That Mullarkey for sale in WHS on the stations! You can read the Prologue and Chapter 1 here, for free.

Tomorrow I’m doing a charity event at The Shop, Gold Street, Kettering, in support of local school for those with learning difficulties, Wrenn Spinney.


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3 responses to “Gorgeous

  1. Chris Stovell

    Sue, that looks absolutely beautiful – no wonder you’re thrilled.


  2. Will hopefully be there on Saturday – I’m so looking forward to “Mullarkey”, it’s still my favourite of your stories so far.

    Also, I don’t know how much bearing Amazon reviews have, but I’ve just posted my one (that I put on Goodreads) for “Starting Over” – there’re a lot of 5 stars there!


  3. Brilliant, Mark, thank you! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    And Amazon reviews have a great bearing. Every one of them gratefully received (especially the five-star ones!) So, thanks a lot.


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