A Great Review for Love Writing

Love Writing

A great start to the day – see Judith’s Blog for a penetrating and perspicacious (ie jolly positive!) review of Love Writing from Shelley White. Thanks, Shelley, for a review that’s not only positive (did I mention that already?) but imaginatively expressed. I shall have to rid myself of the image of a sex-starved Mr. Bean before I try to write any love scenes, today!

You can read Shelley’s daily haiku at www.twitter.com/haikumad

I’m looking forward to the weekend and being in conversation with Katie Fforde and Benita Brown at Newcastle Central Library on Sunday (9th May) afternoon, 2 until 4. Why don’t you come? It’s free if you book your ticket. And it’s going to rain anyway …


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2 responses to “A Great Review for Love Writing

  1. Sue, just a very quick comment. Having recently read Love Writing, I have to congratulate you on a great collection of advice for writers in the romance/erotic genres. All good, pertinent stuff and a book I’ve recommended to my writing colleagues.


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