Lotsa Starting Over at Waterstones, Northampton

sue-moorcroft-signs-starting-overMy booksiging for Starting Over at Waterstone’s, Abingdon Street, Northampton on Saturday 24th April, went well. This is the traditional author shot, taken by Emma Mileham, the lovely manager of the shop. As you can see, they gave me a great display.

And I had great company in the store – Gandalf the Wizard and a local Lib Dem candidate! I wish I’d had my photo taken with Gandalf, now. I always think of these promo opportunities when it’s too late. Maybe he’ll spread the word around Bag End or put a review on Amazon.middleeearth.

Gandalf was promoting a local theatre production of The Hobbit, keeping the kids enthralled with stories whilst I zipped around giving my bookmarks out to their mums. It worked out well,  as two of the mums sneaked over and bought the book.

The Lib Dem candidate was less use. I got him to take a bookmark but he wouldn’t buy the book, even when I promised to vote for him. He probably worked out that I make things up for a living, so …

With Julie Shannon
With Julie Shannon

A lovely thing happened at the signing – one of my old schoolmates came strolling in. (And she bought the book. Nice lady.) Julie, and her lovely husband, Alan, had seen my posting on Facebook, that I’d be in the store and so had come into Northampton to say hello.

It was great to see her again and we almost made arrangements to go out to dinner, soon – will complete the arrangements now I’ve been reunited with my diary. Julie’s also going to recommend Starting Over to her book group, and I promised to go over and chat to them about it when they’ve read it. Book groups are great fun, so I’m hoping they’ll take me up on that offer.

The Waterstone’s staff were all really nice and friendly and, through the store being built at the bottom of a slope, I was able to park my car on their roof. I hope they’ll have me back for All That Mullarkey.


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  1. Mark

    Sounds great – loved the picture!


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