Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off I go

I’m off on a road trip this weekend – first to meet Steven Hooper, actor and model, who has kindly agreed to help me with some research.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the Festival of Writing, in York. Along with several hundred other people, I understand. I’m looking forward to a pretty free day on Saturday and on Sunday morning I’ll be seeing seven people who have booked one-to-ones with me. In the afternoon, I’ll be leading a workshop: Who’s Your Hero?

It should be great! I’m really looking forward to the whole weekend – I might be working but I’m leaving behind housework, shopping, laundry and cooking. A bargain. And I might sell a few books …

Starting Over

By the way, Starting Over now has its own fan page on FaceBook. Click on the link to join. I was supposed to be doing a broadcast from there yesterday but it had to be postponed owing to sad events for somebody on the team. But it will take place in a few weeks – probably ready for when All That Mullarkey hits the shops in May. I’ll publicise the broadcast when the new details are established. If you have any writing questions or want to know more about my career, please come along.

I’m going to have to put All That Mullarkey’s cover up, now, because it’s so pretty. It’s available for pre-order. In fact, judging by various rankings, people are already pre-ordering it. Which is nice. Even if I know that one of them is my niece.

After York I’m ‘in my office’ Monday and Tuesday and then off on a research trip to the south coast of England until Sunday. My laptop and my camera will be my only companions and so I should really make that time count.

Apart from watching the Formula 1 on TV. Obviously. One has to prioritise.

And, just after I come back, I’m doing a signing at Waterstones in Northampton on 24th April, 11am-2pm. Do come!


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2 responses to “Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off I go

  1. I’m about an hour west of Northampton. Used to go shopping there occasionally, but haven’t been for several years, as the centre is pretty dire for parking. But if I’m free on April 24th – i.e. no kids’ parties that day or other domestic events – I’ll try to persuade my husband to drive over with me, to come and meet you ‘in the flesh’!

    Have fun in York!


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