Cover girl!

Well, I’ve left it a little late in my career to be a cover girl – but here I am!

I’m beaming at you in glorious colour from the newsagents’ shelves as I’ve taken over judging the Writers’ Forum fiction competitions, which means that Jan Jones and I will be providing the optional critiques. As for the Target Practice competitions in the last two years, the critiques will be more analytical than was allowed by the previous ‘tick box’ format. I’m not a fan of tick box critiques, especially now that desktop computers make it so possible to turn out something neat and professional, electronically. It helps to be able to type quickly – those years at Motor Cycle News as a copytaker weren’t wasted.

I have to admit, I was really tempted to read this magazine on the train home from South Shields, yesterday, displaying the cover in exaggerated fashion to see if anyone did a double take. But, viewing the disconsolate and beery Peterborough United footie fans returning from an away match loss and determined not to let a second pass without a bellow or a belch (them – not me), I decided I’d rather be as invisible as possible, thank you! (I also decided that I’d rather not use train loos that said beery footie fans had already visited … a wise choice.)

Anyway, to celebrate the new Writers’ Forum fiction competition relaunch, for a trial period you can enter the competitions free if you are both a subscriber and enter electronically at Writers’ Forum‘s website! You do still have to pay £5 for the critique, if you elect to take it, of course. Otherwise, the fees are £3 for subscribers and £6 for non-subscribers, plus critique fee, if selected. The prize fund is good, too – £300 plus publication in Writers’ Forum for the winning story, which is more than you’ll get from most magazines, at present.

So … worth a try?


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7 responses to “Cover girl!

  1. It’s a great photo, Sue!

    Free entry is a good deal. I’ll publicise this on my blog.


  2. suemoorcroft

    Much appreciated, Kath. I’m sure people will be attracted by the prize fund.


  3. As someone who benefited from critiques from your Target Practice competitions (and I’ve since sold two of the stories thanks to your advice) I’ll be recommending this to everyone who’ll listen.

    Agree with womagwriter, btw – terrific photo.


  4. suemoorcroft

    Brilliant, Suzanne! Two stories! Congratulations.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated.


  5. amazing, the image very nice! hahaha… I’m feel free here. Thank you on your share


  6. Groovy. I’ve never read Writers Forum, but followed a link from Suzanne Jones’s blog to this post, and am now very interested.

    Critiques always scare me, in case the critiquer tell me to kill my darlings. But I’m sure it would be good for me to get someone else’s perspective for a change, even if the prospect does make my tummy turn over in fear and horror!


    • suemoorcroft

      Hi Jane,
      I know what you mean. Especially if you get a critique as I did, once, from a magazine: ‘Make it half as long and twice as funny.’ But I pride myself on never being destructive but offering suggestions and commentary. The thing is that creative writing isn’t like maths, with a right or a wrong answer, is it?


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