Publication day!

Love Writing

Today is publication day for Love Writing! I would eat some chocolate to celebrate but I’ve eaten so much I’ll soon be spherical.

I really enjoyed writing this book because I was able to hit upon so many writing friends and industry professionals to answer questions or give their valued opinions on dozens of different aspects of writing romantic fiction.

It was an excellent excuse for an email chat – and, when they sent in their valuable input, I’d paste it into my manuscript, adding their words to my daily output. But that’s just our secret, OK?

The whole writing process was a continual social event.

Of course, every contributor has something valuable to say, whether they’re yet to have their first novel published or have fifty or more on bookshelves around the word. The breadth of their knowledge is impressive: print books, ebooks, novella, short stories or serials; romances, sagas, young adult, erotica, speculative romance, chic lit, romantic comedy … every sub-genre is represented. Writing it was a real labour of love (har har).

At time of writing it’s on sale at a lovely 30% discount here and as part of a 3 for 2 deal here.

I don’t suppose I’ll be the first person to say Happy New Year but I wish for health and happiness for all.


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2 responses to “Publication day!

  1. Rose Ryan

    Great book! Arrived just before Xmas. I am a librarian & member of the RNA and aspiring writer. Although great feedback on my novel writing from NWS, have decided to concentrate in 2010 on short stories. So your book and the womag site are fantastic resources. Will also make sure the library has a copy!


    • suemoorcroft

      Hi Rose!
      I know you from Romna, of course. Glad you like the book. It’s great to get positive feedback. Thanks also for stocking it for the library – much appreciated.


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