STARTING OVER has received a lovely review from Judy Jarvie at her bright and interesting blog at

Thanks, Judy!

If you’d like to see the YouTube presentation that goes with the book, it’s at – my son wrote and played the music.


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  1. Judy Jarvie

    It’s a pleasure to review such a brilliant book.
    I’m still pining for Ratty actually. I totally fell for him in a very large way. He’s just the most brilliant hero! Fab.
    Judy x
    Lovely pics of book on shelves. Go Ratty Go!


  2. Margaret Powling

    First visit to your blog, and lovely to see photos of the recent RNA bash, sorry party, sorry discussions over lunch … I have ordered your book and am looking forward to it. But a hero called Ratty? What a good idea to use what would normally be a term of abuse into a term of endearment!


    • suemoorcroft

      Someone said to me recently that they couldn’t remember the names of my heroes in other books but would always remember Ratty. That’s not why I named him -that’s just how he appeared in my imagination – but it is useful!


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