The London Trip part 2

Sue MoorcroftI look abashed to be standing there, don’t I? The W H Smith shop on the lower level of St Pancras Station is not the largest in the world but I just about made enough space to have my photo taken with STARTING OVER showing in the chart AT NUMBER 12!

But I look as if I feel slightly foolish for doing it …


Had a great few days in London, including two parties and Choc Lit presenting me with a bottle of champagne and a lovely big bar of Cadbury’s chocolate! Could also put up loads of stuff about cruising along the Thames, climbing around inside Tower Bridge and watching a string quintet in Covent Garden. But am just focusing on STARTING OVER being on the shelves …


Number 12!

Ooh! All excited ...




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3 responses to “The London Trip part 2

  1. V exciting indeed! Go you!


  2. Rebecca Holmes

    Wow, that’s brilliant! Congratulations. You deserve it. I’m going into town tomorrow so will look for it then.


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