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chocolate box_4

Chocolate Box

I’m indebted to my mate Jan Jones for this picture of something new to me in chocolate – and I didn’t think there were many!

This is a dessert called The Chocolate Box from the Galleria Restaurant by the river in Cambridge. The outer casing is a light sponge and the  inside is filled with chocolate mousse and caramel. I had to give the blob of cream away, as cream is yuk, to me. But the rest was just sublime …

Choc Lit, who are publishing STARTING OVER on November 30th, ask for all their heroes to be likened to chocolate. Miles Rattenbury is a Lion Bar because he’s spiky and roars a bit. Now I’m working ALL THAT MULLARKEY and finding myself wondering what kind of chocolate I’ll choose for Justin. Can’t, offhand, think of chocolate that equates to a mercurial temperament that’s usually set to ‘laughing’ but does take dives in the other direction.

Do feel free to leave suggestions!



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3 responses to “More on chocolate …

  1. A walnut whip maybe?


  2. Crunchie? Or maybe that new one with flakes of chilli in!


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